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Metaphysical meaning of Shadrach (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shadrach (mbd)
Shadrach, sha'-drach (Heb. fr. Pers.) --command of the moon god; rejoicing in the way; zealously striving; royal.

Hananiah, one of Daniel's three captive Jewish friends, whose name was changed to Shadrach by the prince of the eunuchs of the king of Babylon (Dan. 1:7). He was one of the three who were cast into the fiery furnace and came out alive (Dan. 3:12-30).

Meta. Meekness. True understanding and power always give meekness to one's character. (Royal signifies princely power and Truth. It is true understanding in one that has command of the moon god, or the reflected light of the intellect. Besides, Hananiah, the former name of Shadrach, signifies knowledge of Jehovah, the indwelling Christ, as love, mercy, goodness, and the channel of all power, wisdom, Truth to the manifest man; hence the true spirit of meekness, which causes its possessors to "inherit the land.")

The "fiery furnace" into which Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego were cast is the testing that proves whether one will follow God or mammon--the "golden image" represents mammon. The fourth man in the fiery furnace is the consciousness of one's I AM in its spiritual unity with God.

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