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Metaphysical meaning of Hananiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hananiah (mbd)
Hananiah, han-a-nl'-ah (Heb.)--whom Jehovah has graciously given; Jah is gracious; mercy of Jehovah; compassion of Jah.

There are several Israelitish men by this name (I Chron. 3:19 and Dan. 1:6 mention two of them).

Meta. The knowledge of Jehovah, the indwelling Christ, as love, mercy, goodness, and the channel of all power, wisdom, Truth, to the manifest man.

Not all the men of this name, however, understood that the goodness and free gifts of Spirit come to us by direct law and that in order to receive them consciously and utilize them in our life we must observe the law of justice, of right and order, the law of the working out of Truth. The Hananiah of Jeremiah 28:1-17 typifies the persons of today, or that phase of thought in each of us, that would like to think--and some do deceive themselves into believing--that because God is love and mercy they may do anything they choose, regardless of the law of justice and right, and reap all the goodness of God just the same. Such beliefs are a mistake, for in order to experience the blessings of the grace of God we must put ourselves in line with them by cleansing our mind and heart and life, and by doing the will of the Father, thus keeping the divine law.

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