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Metaphysical meaning of Sardis (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sardis (mbd)
Sardis, sär'-dis (Gk.)--precious stone; carnelian; sardonyx; sard; prince of joy.

A city, the capital of ancient Lydia, and the site of one of the seven churches to which John wrote (Rev. 3:1-6).

Meta. The riches of power (precious stone); also joyous dominion (prince of joy, a prince belonging to the ruling family). Lydia, the country of which Sardis was the capital, refers to power. When we think of Lydia we think of purple, of the woman by this name who was a seller of purple; purple is the color that stands for power.

"He that hath the seven Spirits of God, and the seven stars" (Rev. 3:1) signifies the natural man redeemed or rounded out; seven is the number of fulfillment in the natural. The "stars" are faculties that we have not yet developed; they are remote, not clearly understood. The central point in regard to this church at Sardis seems to be: Are we where we think we are? (See Rev. 3:2.) Are we exercising power and dominion over all our thoughts? Theoretically we may be, but really are we? The natural man is reputed to have great power--he goes out and kills the animals--but when he gives up to his emotions, passions, appetites, and sense desires he is not exercising spiritual power over the beasts of the field--his own animal propensities. Nor has he perfect dominion over the fishes of the sea, birds of the air, and creeping things--the primal elements of life.

We are developing the sevenfold man of the stars. There is no limit to what we can become. Not only may we control and direct and use our own faculties, but we can use the spiritual powers and propensities. If we allow our thoughts of power to slow down, however, we lose the spiritual aspect of power. The static in radio is cross currents, discords. During electric storms the static is very great, so that at times we cannot hear the radio program. Even so, when we get angry, excited, or confused, cross currents enter our consciousness and we cannot get into the silence, we cannot get in touch with the spiritual. We should affirm power and dominion.

Revelation 3:3: Remember the foundation principles, your first instructions: man is spiritual. If you are watching you will not let yourself get confused and congested when Spirit comes to you in greater power. Do not think that because you may be having some seemingly adverse experience it is really adverse. Go apart from others and get hold of Spirit, and you can handle the problem. Beware of persons who offer remedies. Affirm more spiritual power, more steadfastness, more understanding.

"White" (Rev. 3:4) represents purity, and also the aura of Spirit. Your aura has become purified, whitened. We are clothed with this white aura, with this garment of life (Rev. 3:5), by overcoming.

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