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Metaphysical meaning of faculties (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of faculties (mbd)

Meta. The twelve faculties of mind in man, as symbolized by the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ, with their location in the body, are as follows:

  • Faith--Peter--center of head, pineal gland.
  • Strength--Andrew--small of back.
  • Judgment--James, son of Zebedee--in lower part of solar plexus.
  • Love--John--back of heart, cardiac center.
  • Power Philip--root of tongue.
  • Imagination--Bartholomew, or Nathanael--between the eyes.
  • Understanding--Thomas--front brain.
  • Will Matthew--center front brain.
  • Order--James, son of Alphæus--navel.
  • Zeal--Simon the Canaanite--lower back head, medulla.
  • Elimination, or renunciation--Thaddaeus--lower part of back.
  • Appropriation or life conservation--Judas--generative function.

The names of these faculties are not arbitrary--they can be expanded or changed to suit a broader understanding of their full nature. For example, Philip, at the root of the tongue, governs taste; he also controls the action of the larynx, and all power vibrations. So the term power expresses but a small part of his official capacity.

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