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Metaphysical meaning of church (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of church (mbd)
church, the.

Meta. The true Christ church is not an outer sect, or religious denomination. First of all it is an aggregation of spiritual ideas in individual consciousness. To establish the church, or ecclesia, of God in man, a new state of consciousness must be formed. Man must gain an understanding of God as Spirit, and also must understand his own relation to Spirit. This is revealed by the Holy Ghost, which is an epitome of Divine Mind projected into human consciousness. The church of God begins its activity in man as a mental perception which must go through certain processes before it is established in the whole consciousness. Its work is subjective first; that is, it is a silent interior planting of spiritual ideas, which do not make themselves manifest at once. but work like leaven, and in time transform the individual.

In its outer sense the church of Christ consists of all persons in whom the consciousness of Truth has become firmly established; whether or not they belong to a denominational church makes no difference. They comprise that great brotherhood which Jesus Christ established in Spirit. Men have read the Bible in the letter instead of the Spirit, and their different interpretations of the Scriptures, together with their adherence to forms and creeds, are the cause of the varying sects or churches of today. The true church is not made of creeds and forms, nor is it contained in walls of wood and stone; the heart of man is its temple and the Spirit of truth is the one guide into all Truth. When men learn to turn within to the Spirit of truth, who is in each one for his light and inspiration, the differences between the churches of man will be eliminated, and the one church will be recognized.

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