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Metaphysical meaning of repentance (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of repentance (mbd)

Meta. The Greek word metanoia is translated "repentance," which has been interpreted to mean an admission to God of sorrow for past sin and a resolve to be good in the future. The field of action for that which has been assumed to be goodness in the sight of God has nearly always been in conduct. The whole Christian world has in a measure failed to discern the teaching of the New Testament about mental laws. A proper translation of the mission of John the aptist is: He came into all the region round about Jordan preaching immersion in mentation for the doing away with shortcoming. Metanoia means change of mind, middle mind, transformation of the mind, change of thought and purpose.

Baptism means to immerse in an element (any element) to a complete saturation; one can be immersed in a transformed mind as well as in water. Therefore it is plain that the mission of John was to bring about a change of mind. The fundamental idea is not so much sorrow as a change-- a change, however, be it observed, not merely of conduct, but of the thinking and mortal part of man. (In connection with this, see BAPTISM, and especially the baptism of John the Baptist.)

Repent is, in the original Greek, "change your mind."

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