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Metaphysical meaning of Rephael (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Rephael (mbd)
Rephael, re'-pha-el (Heb.)--God mends; God restores to a former state; whom God heals; God cures; God makes whole; consolation of God; God renders wholesome.

Son of Shemaiah and grandson of Obed-edom, a doorkeeper in the house of Jehovah (I Chron. 26:7).

Meta. A natural religious tendency that is a guarding thought to the door of man's inner consciousness (a Levite, a doorkeeper in the Temple). This thought is established in the idea of divine health, wholeness, in God as healer, restorer, perfecter (God restores to a former state, whom God heals, God makes whole, God renders wholesome).

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