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Metaphysical meaning of Asia (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Asia (mbd)
Asia (in A. V., Rom. 16:5, Achaia), a'-si-å (Lat. from Gk.)--unique continent; unique land; central land; Orient; the East; aurora.

The country of Asia Minor (Acts 19:10).

Meta. In Acts 16:6 Asia refers to a state of consciousness impregnated by old, decayed, worn-out, material ideas that should have been left behind long ago by the one who would progress spiritually.

The foregoing symbology no doubt enters into the metaphysical interpretation of Asia as given in other texts in the Bible. As the name stands for itself, however, in its reference simply to the Eastern Hemisphere, the meanings, unique continent, unique land, central land, Orient, the East, aurora, bring out a significance that should not be overlooked. The East always refers to the within, the hidden, the spiritual, and aurora means "rise, dawn, beginning." These meanings, coupled with the fact that Palestine is in Asia and that Asia is supposed to be the site of the Garden of Eden and the birthplace of man, all point to the within, to the spiritual in man, to the Source of all.

All religions had their first impetus in Asia. Asia therefore must signify the inner, the spiritual, in individual consciousness, wherein lay the beginning of man's conscious existence, and wherein lies the dawn, or rise, of the light and wisdom of his new day of spiritual understanding and realization.

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