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Metaphysical meaning of Pharpar (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Pharpar (mbd)
Pharpar, phär'-par (Heb.)--borne rapidly; running swiftly; swift fruition; swift.

A river of Damascus. Naaman thought that he might as well wash in this river to be healed of his leprosy, instead of washing in the Jordan (II Kings 5:12).

Meta. A current of thought in the intellectual realm of man's consciousness (a river symbolizes a current of thought, and Damascus in Syria is of the intellect guided by the senses). Outer, intellectual ideas and activities--apart from the real life current in the organism, which is signified here by the river Jordan, in which Naaman bathed and was healed, and the spiritual power of the I AM (Elisha)--have no real healing virtue. They cannot cleanse the soul and restore the body to wholeness. To think thoughts and speak words that will produce swift fruition in abiding health, the intellect must be quickened and directed by the inner Spirit of truth, since in that is the healing power. The outer man always wants to reap good results very quickly, and he does not see why the conditions that must be met are necessary.

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