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Metaphysical meaning of Persia (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Persia (mbd)
Persia, per'-si-å (fr. Skr.--same in Chald. and Heb.)--cutting; cleaving; dividing; cloven-hoofed; a horse; a horseman; pure; splendid; Aryan; Iran.

An ancient kingdom in Asia that still exists as a country. The Medes and Persians conquered Babylonia, and Cyrus king of Persia allowed all the captive Jews who wished to do so to return to their own land (II Chron. 36:20-23; Ezra 1:1-8).

Meta. The Medes and Persians are usually, if not always, mentioned together in the Bible. They were one kingdom, and their symbolism is virtually the same: the middle land, or psychic realm; that which lies between the outer and the true inner spiritual consciousness. (See MEDIA and MADAI.) A horse, as a meaning of Persia, bespeaks a degree of vital force or power; cutting and dividing refer to separation. This latter is directly the opposite of the prevailing tendency of the spiritual in man, the tendency to unity; Spirit is the harmonizing, unifying principle of life. When the psychic dominates in an individual it separates him from, or hinders him from coming into, consciousness of the true peace, unity, and joy that are results of the spiritual life. The psychic, apart from true spiritual understanding and dominion, leads to piercing, cutting, inharmonious experiences.

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