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Metaphysical meaning of Perizzite (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Perizzite (mbd)
Perizzite (Perizzites), per'-;z-zite (fr. Heb.)--countryman; rustic; dweller in the country.

The Perizzites were ancient inhabitants of Canaan (Gen. 13:7). They lived in the hill country (Josh. 11:3). They were defeated by Judah and Simeon (Judg. 1:3, 4), and the remainder of them were made bond servants by Solomon (I Kings 9:20, 21).

Meta. The Perizzites, like the Canaanites, refer to the elemental life forces in the organism, only elevated to a more exalted plane by the outer, personal man, and more strongly intrenched in the sense consciousness of the individual. (The Perizzites lived in the hill country; they are named with the Canaanites. Adoni-bezek was a king of the Perizzites and the Canaanites. See ADONI--BEZEK.)

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