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Metaphysical meaning of Lion (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Lion (mbd)
Lion (Rev. 5:5).

Meta. Courage, fearlessness, initiativeness, life.

We must have the courage to enter fearlessly into the overcoming life and into the understanding of things. But courage alone will not do. We must have reverence of spiritual things--a devotional attitude--in order to receive spiritual inspiration. The phrase, "of the tribe of Judah," bespeaks this reverential nature and attitude.

Jesus Christ purified His substance and His life and lifted them up until His life became a pure stream of divine life to cleanse us. The 5th chapter of Revelation reveals the full inner meaning of the atonement, of Jesus Christ's redeeming work on earth. If we understand it fully we shall understand the inner working of the divine principle in its redeeming work in our whole being.

The real spiritual life in race consciousness has been disregarded, put out of substance; so this Lamb of God--the original pure life and substance--appears to be slain in so far as the animal consciousness of man is concerned. But to our awakened and illumined thoughts, activities, and faculties it is the "Lion that is of the tribe of Judah"--a source of new life and substance--which we continually worship, praise, and love until we realize this new, all-conquering life more and more fully and perfectly. (The "Root of David" has reference to the love quality in its original purity. This is needed also. We must become rooted in love.)

The lions of Daniel 6:10-23 represent the savage thoughts that arise in us when we are accused wrongfully and know that we are innocent.

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