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Metaphysical meaning of Kenaz (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Kenaz (mbd)
Kenaz, ke'-naz (Heb.)--centralized strength; possessor; spear thrower; lancer; archer; hunter; loin; side; flank.

a Son of Eliphaz, who was Esau's son (Gen. 36:11). Kenaz was a prince of Edom (see verses 15 and 16). b Brother of Caleb and father of Othniel (Josh. 15:17). c A descendant of Caleb (I Chron. 4:15)

Meta. Strength, centered in the physical (centralized strength, possessor, hunter, loin). A hunter, in the meaning of Kenaz, pertains to a thought that is connected with the animal forces of the organism. Esau was a hunter, and he symbolizes the body or physical vigor. Nimrod was "a mighty hunter before Jehovah." He also pertains to the strength of the animal forces in man, but under the observation or guiding light of Jehovah, since the physical in man has its foundation in Spirit and must ultimately be raised entirely to spiritual expression.

Kenaz therefore signifies the thought of man engrossed in the animal phase of his nature, in animal strength and activity (spear thrower, lancer, archer, are also definitions of Kenaz). Kenaz, brother of Caleb, and Kenaz, descendant of Caleb, point to the entrance of a higher motive power into the outer and seemingly purely physical consciousness of the individual, to do an uplifting and transforming work in it.

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