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Metaphysical meaning of Kenath (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Kenath (mbd)
Kenath, ke'-nath (Heb.)--possession; centralization; appropriation to self; self-seeking; substance; wealth.

A place east of the Jordan that was taken by Nobah and was renamed after him (Num. 32:42). Later it was captured by Geshur and Aram (I Chron. 2:23).

Meta. A group of thoughts in consciousness whose central idea is that of possession, appropriation to self. This thought center belongs first to the Amoritish phase of consciousness in the individual. Carnal mind thinks that all the resources of man belong to it and are for its use exclusively. But upon awakening to a higher understanding (Manasseh) the individual begins to view things differently; he sees that his vitality and substance should be utilized more by the mental and not so much by the physical. So Kenath is taken by Nobah of Manasseh. Nobah, however (meaning barking, prominent, vehement of voice), is not really of spiritual understanding; he signifies the intellect's belief in using force and aggressive, personal means to attain its desires.

Aram and Geshur, who retook Kenath, also belong to the intellectual rather than to the spiritual. Therefore at this stage of his unfoldment the individual has not yet come into the true light, which is that his real inheritance is in and through Spirit, and that the resources of his organism should be directed by pirit and used to sustain the spiritual in him.

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