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Metaphysical meaning of Caleb (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Caleb (mbd)
Caleb, ea'-leb (Heb.)--dog (onomatopoeia from the sound of barking); bold; fearless; ferocious to enemies; impetuous.

Son of Jephunneh, of the tribe of Judah (Num. 13:6); he was one of the men whom Moses sent to spy out the land of Canaan. Caleb was not discouraged because of the giants in the land, but insisted that the Israelites were able to go up and possess it (Num. 13:30). It is said of him that "he wholly followed Jehovah, the God of Israel" (Josh. 14: 14) .

Meta. Caleb--bold, fearless, ferocious to enemies, impetuous--a man who wholly followed Jehovah, signifies an unyielding, uncompromising power in man that is loyal to its highest ideals. In Caleb we recognize a seemingly invincible power that wars ceaselessly against error, gives no quarter, is fearless and very zealous. In a lower sense he signifies a warrior, and carries a destructive thought in putting away error, rather than the constructing, elevating, redeeming spirit of the Christ. In a higher, truer sense, Caleb gives the idea of spiritual faith and enthusiasm. True faith is a rock, an invincible power for good in the consciousness. Through faith the I AM is ready and willing to enter into the inner consciousness and possess the people (soul forces). This process of regeneration must be carried on under the divine law, else psychic forces (men of great stature) will be aroused and will strive for dominion.

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