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Metaphysical meaning of Kemuel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Kemuel (mbd)
Kemuel, kem'-u-el (Heb.)--God stands- God's righteousness; God raises up; judgment of God; assembly of God; God's congregation.

a Son of Nahor the brother of Abraham (Gen. 22:21). b Son of Shiphtan. This Kemuel was a prince who was chosen from the tribe of Ephraim to help divide the Promised Land among the Israelitish tribes (Num. 34:24). c Another Kemuel was a Levite. His son Hashabiah was captain of the tribe of Levi in David's reign (I Chron. 27:17).

Meta. The Spirit of God, divine righteousness and judgment, in the ascendancy in individual consciousness, growing and taking a firmer hold (God stands, God's righteousness, judgment of God, God raises up); also bringing about a closer union of the true, higher spiritual thoughts of the mind (assembly of God) in order to establish a further adjustment that is needed for the progress of the individual.

The faculties of faith, judgment, will, and love are especially quickened (God raises up) and unified in this new stand of Spirit in consciousness. (Shiphtan, father of Kemuel, the Ephraimite who helped to divide the Promised Land among the Israelites, means righteous judgment, judicial, while the tribe of Ephraim pertains to the will in man. The tribe of Levi pertains to the love faculty, and Abraham, brother of Nahor, represents faith. Nahor signifies the arousing of a higher desire in man through the activity of Abraham--faith--to the point of piercing the darkness of materiality, and aiding in bringing about a new line of thought in consciousness. One meaning of Milcah, Nahor's wife and mother of one of the men named Kemuel, is counsel; and Hashabiah, son of the Kemuel who was of the tribe of Levi, was captain of this tribe in David's reign.)

From the foregoing explanations one can see how the faculties of judgment, love, faith, and will are closely associated with that which Kemuel signifies. In fact, Kemuel represents the raising of these faculties to a higher and more spiritual standing, as well as the unifying of them in consciousness, that a further advancement of the individual into spiritual expression and realization may take place.

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