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Metaphysical meaning of Hashabiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hashabiah (mbd)
Hashabiah, hash-a-bli-ah (Heb.)--thinking of Jehovah; whom Jehovah regards; regarded of Jehovah; with whom Jah is associated; purpose of Jehovah; estimation of the Lord.

There are several Israelitish men by this name (I Chron. 6:45; 9:14; 25:3, and others).

Meta. The understanding that Jehovah, the Christ of God, is unified with man, is man's intimate friend and associate in working out divine law into expression and true manifestation. The Spirit of Christ is active everywhere, in the whole of creation, not alone in man and in every living thing. All are regarded by Him as worthy of and commanding His love and special, watchful care. God does not keep Himself separate from that which He has created, but is present everywhere and at all times, actively engaged in bringing about everlasting good.

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