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Metaphysical meaning of Kenan (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Kenan (mbd)
Kenan, ke'-nan (Heb.)--self-centered one; fixed; ownership; central dominion; possession invading space; general usurpation; agglomeration; welding; smith; lancer; spearman.

Son of Enosh. He is named fourth in descent from Adam (Gen. 5:9). He is the same person as Cainan (Luke 3:37).

Meta. Enosh (meaning mortal man, mutable being, corporeal man) refers to the outer or body consciousness, in its limited, material, corruptible concept of the organism: the unreality of the material is made evident by the higher, more spiritual thought (Seth) that has begun its work in the consciousness, to the end that it may be replaced by the spiritual concept and expression. Kenan, son of Enosh (meaning self-centered one, fixed, ownership, general usurpation, welding), signifies the seemingly established materiality of consciousness and organism. But the higher, more spiritual thought, found in Seth, is working, and the man, though seemingly established in materiality, is reaching out of the lesser self (possession invading space) and upward toward something more powerful to uplift, enlighten, heal, renew, and restore than is to be found in the material. Thus Kenan brings forth Mahalelel, meaning praise of God.

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