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Metaphysical meaning of poise (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of poise (mbd)

Meta. A state of balance of all man's faculties and the forces of his being. It is attained through recognition of God as supreme, all-powerful good, and of man's true relation to Him. The result of poise is perfect expression of all the faculties and powers.

Loss of poise is caused by lack of confidence in the all-sustaining power of Divine Mind. This lack of confidence disturbs poise because personality strives to build upon its own insufficiency and the result is failure and weakness. This affects the whole system, and every faculty is involved.

The relation of poise to mastery and dominion is this: the consciousness of dominion through divine principle gives a state of poise, and a poised state of mind adds to the realization of dominion and mastery. The realization of mastery is attained by unifying the consciousness with Divine Mind as its one source, by prayer and meditation, thus attaining the Christ consciousness.

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