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Metaphysical meaning of golden calf (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of golden calf (mbd)
golden calf, the (Exod. 32:1-8).

Meta. The Scripture narrative is that Moses went up into the mountain again to get the Ten Commandments in more permanent form, written on tables of stone. This going up into the mountain to receive the divine law represents the high, exalted state of mind that one must attain before the inspiration of Spirit can be received. Every one who desires to grow in Spirit should make daily pilgrimages to the mountain of solitude.

To make this pilgrimage you need not go out of your room; simply go up in thought. Go into the silence; meditate; pray; affirm the presence and power of the omnipotent Good that is always with you. This is a necessary mental discipline.

But do not stay on the mountain top too long to the neglect of the thoughts below; for, if you do, they will seek another base of inspiration and make it instead of Truth, their highest ideal. This is the meaning of the making of the golden calf by Aaron, who represents the high priest of the intellectual consciousness.

The ears represent the obedience and receptivity of the mind, and the giving to Aaron of the jewels of the ears means that the ideals were poured out upon the intellect and the intellect concentrated them into a state of consciousness on the natural (calf) plane. This is idol worship and results in the materialization of the whole body.

When the intellect is the center of consciousness, and all the jewels of the mind are poured into it, many golden calves, or material mental structures, are built up and worshiped. Around these the people eat and drink and play, often proclaiming, "These are thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt." There is a very widespread idea that it is through the power of money that man is developed from ignorance to wisdom. On every hand we hear people talking of the great good they could do to the race if they only had money to carry out their plans. This is worshipping the golden calf--making material things greater than spiritual. This idea must be ground to powder, as Moses ground the golden calf, before the true method will be put into action.

God is your sufficiency, and if you are willing to obey His law the way will open to you and all your plans will be worked out in just the right way; money will come to you as servant instead of master. People who are striving to get money and then go into the Lord's work are worshipping the golden calf. They are doubting God's providing capacity, and their ideas along that line will be ground to powder. The great work of the Lord has always been done by those who were willing in the beginning to serve, as did Jesus, Paul, and the long line of reformers, whose only capital was the Spirit of God.

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