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Metaphysical meaning of Golgotha (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Golgotha (mbd)
Golgotha, Irol'-go-tha (Gk. fr. Heb.)--the skull; place of the skull, i.e., round, shaped like a head.

The place just outside Jerusalem, a hill, where Jesus was crucified (Matt. 27:,3). It is also called Calvary.

Meta. When we search the Scriptures to find the place where crucifixion takes place, we are introduced to a symbolism not hard to interpret. Golgotha, in the Aramaic-Jewish language, means place of the skull. The skull is the place where intellect is crossed out, that Spirit may win an eternal ascendancy. Jesus (the intellectual) was crucified at the place of the skull, that Christ (Truth) might become all in all.

The seat of the conscious mind is the front brain, and there the will has established its dominion. There all things affecting the body are either admitted or rejected. Even spiritual Truth has to be admitted through this door before it can become part of the consciousness. It is there that the human w ill must be crossed out, to give the divine will free expression.

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