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Metaphysical meaning of Aaron (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Aaron (mbd)
Aaron, aar'-on (Heb.)--illumined; enlightener, mountaineer (very lofty).

Brother of Moses; of the Israelitish tribe of Levi, and first high priest of Israel (Exod. 6:20 _ 28:1-4).

Meta. Executive power of divine law. Aaron, the first high priest of Israel and the bearer of intellectual light to the Israelites, signifies the ruling power of the intellectual consciousness. The making of the "molten calf" by Aaron (Exod. 32:1-8) signifies the false states of thought (idols) that man builds into his consciousness when he perceives the Truth but does not carry his spiritual ideals into execution, choosing instead to let his thoughts function in a lower plane of consciousness.

In Exodus 40:12, 13, Aaron and his sons typify spiritual strength, which becomes the presiding, directive power of a new state of consciousness. Through spiritual strength there is set up an abiding thought action that contributes to the building of the holy Temple (redeemed body). Bringing Aaron and his sons to the door of the tent of meeting and washing them with water means that we should declare spiritual strength to be the presiding, directive power of this new state of consciousness--not a mere animal strength, but a strength purified from all grossness of sense. This declaration of strength is absolutely necessary to the permanency of the body tabernacle. Through it is set up an abiding thought action that continues while one's attention is elsewhere: Aaron continues to minister in his priestly office.

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