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Metaphysical meaning of Geshur (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Geshur (mbd)
Geshur, ge'-shur (Heb.)--bridge; land of the bridge; bridge land.

A province in Syria. Its king was Talmai, the father of one of David's wives and the grandfather of Absalom (II Sam. 3:3). Geshur was at the foot of Mount Hermon, at the border, or extending over the border, of Bashan. Its name comes from a bridge across the Jordan. The people of Geshur went in and out of the Holy Land, even within its borders, but were not subject to the Hebrew law.

Meta. Ian's attempt, from an intellectual or sense-reasoning standpoint (Syria refers to the intellect), to bridge over the current of thought in consciousness that the River Jordan signifies. But one cannot really enter and dwell in the Promised Land by purely intellectual and outer means, though one may bring about much seeming good. True overcoming and entrance into spiritual perfection, however, come by spiritual quickening, guidance, and power.

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