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Metaphysical meaning of Talmai (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Talmai (mbd)
Talmai, tal'-mai (Heb.)--broken up; scattered; sown; furrowed; brave; bold; spirited.

a One of the three sons of Anak the giant, who dwelt at Hebron (Num. 13:22) but was driven out by Caleb and the men of Judah (Josh. 15:14; Judg. 1:10). b King of Geshur, father of one of David's wives (II Sam. 3:3).

Meta. The deeply established thought habits of sense reasoning in individual consciousness; also the seemingly forceful, daring, confident, yet impatient and intolerant manner in which these thought habits and reasonings assert themselves (furl owed, broken up, sown, bold, spirited, brave).

We are told that, as we use our brains more and more in thinking and reasoning, furrows or indentations develop in the gray matter that constitutes the brain cells in the human body. Furrowed, therefore, in the meaning of Talmai, son of Anak the giant, bespeaks thought habits of the character that these giants of the Anakim signify. (See ANAK, AHIMAN, and SHESHAI.)

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