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Metaphysical meaning of Gamul (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Gamul (mbd)
Gamul, ga'-mul (Heb.)--weaned, i.e., matured; render deserts; pay; recompense; reward; retribution.

A priest to whom the twenty-second lot fell for service in the Temple (I Chron. 24:17). This was in David's reign, before the real Temple at Jerusalem was built.

Meta. A religious thought or tendency that is beginning to see something of the real law back of rites and ceremonies. This thought or tendency is weaned, as it were, from purely formal ideas of religion and is matured in the understanding of that which pertains to the natural man. It is now open to the spiritual. It has learned through the rule of David (love) that true, loving service in the Temple (body) brings about a sure compensation of abiding good.

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