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Metaphysical meaning of Lot (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Lot (mbd)
Lot, lot (Heb.)--covering; veiling; muffling; hidden; concealed; covert; secret; clandestine; black art; magic; sorcery; dark-colored; sad.
Son of Haran, who was Abram's brother (Gen. 11:27, 31; 14:12).

Meta. The subjective or negative side of faith. Abram represents the expanding of faith in man's consciousness. When Abram went out to seek a new country in response to the call of Spirit, Lot went with him. Metaphysically interpreted this means that when faith expands in consciousness, begins to go out into a new country, its old subjective aspect goes with it and expands also.

When the division took place between Abram and Lot, Lot chose the "Plain of the Jordan, . . . like the land of Egypt, as thou goest unto Zoar" (Gen. 13:10). The Jordan here signifies equilibrium of forces, and Zoar means inferior. So we should beware how we link the I AM with faith that is established in the flesh. It is Lot, and is allied to the negative.

Lot, meaning dark-colored, covering, hidden, can also be said to symbolize the part of man's consciousness that is still in darkness--in other words, the natural or animal man.

It is related in Genesis 19:26 that when Lot's wife was fleeing from the destroyed cities of the plain, Sodom and Gomorrah, she looked back, and "became a pillar of salt." Salt is a preservative, corresponding to memory. When we remember the pleasures of the senses, and long for their return, we preserve the sense desire. This desire will manifest somewhere, sometime, unless the memory is dissolved through renunciation.

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