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Metaphysical meaning of rites (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of rites (mbd)

Meta. The rites and ceremonies of the priests in the tabernacle represent the action of spiritual forces in developing the body. The great object of man's existence in planetary consciousness is to build a body after the ideals given by the Lord. The physical body is the tabernacle or temporary structure in and through which the enduring body is formed, and regeneration is a combination of chemical, mental, and spiritual processes.

Digestion is the process of making utilizable the energy stored in material envelopes or cells. This energy may be used to vitalize the muscles or to aid in brain building, but it must get its life from Spirit. If it fails to do this the structure that it builds is lifeless.

It is evident from a reading of Leviticus 10:1-11 that Nadab and Abihu put alcohol (see verse 9) in their censers (stomachs) instead of the natural regenerative fire of Spirit. Alcohol is an attempt by man to make a substitute for the natural life energy that is imparted to him by the Lord. When this artificial fire is put into the stomach it clashes with the finer energies of the system; the result is destruction of the cells, similar to the burning out of a dynamo

For this reason it is more dangerous for one who has entered the regeneration to drink wine, or anything else containing free alcohol, than for the unregenerate. In the latter the Spirit fire from on high has not been kindled, and after a period of stupor the nerves and temporarily excited cells are at peace. One who has started the soul life in his system, however, should beware how he attempts to stimulate that life from the material side of existence. It is sanctified to the Lord, and its only source of increase and glorification is Spirit.

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