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Metaphysical meaning of Gareb (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Gareb (mbd)
Gareb, ga'-reb (Heb.)--scratch; scrape; rough; scabby; mangy; scurf; scurvy; leprous; reviled; despised; unclean.

a An Ithrite, one of David's thirty mighty warriors (II Sam. 23:38). b The name of a hill near Jerusalem. Some think this hill to be the same place as Golgotha (Jer. 31:39).

Meta. An Ithrite is a descendant of Jether, and both of these names refer to excellence, preeminence, superiority. Ideals of this kind may, however, while under the intellectual thought, aid in establishing love (David) in consciousness and in defending that which is good; yet they are apt to become very aggressive and resistant toward anything that appears to be evil or inferior. Such an idea scorns and disdains lower ideals than those for which it stands. This is Gareb, and unless this idea changes its attitude so as to conform more to the love that overcomes evil with good, it will cause itself to appear in a very mean light to the rest of the consciousness; this is suggested by the definitions of Gareb. It is very likely, too, to turn against spiritual ideals that are as yet beyond its comprehension. Jesus was reviled, smitten, and despised by those who thought that they were God's chosen people. When the high thoughts in man are really guided by Spirit, overcoming is accomplished in a much easier and better way and the results are then entirely good. The sense man, however, or the intellectual, which is suggested by Golgotha, gets so much of a fighting, reviling spirit into its attempts at reform that no real good is accomplished; moreover, much strife and much apparent foulness are stirred up.

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