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Metaphysical meaning of Galilee (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Galilee (mbd)
Galilee, gal'-l-lee (Gk. fr. Heb.)--rolling; turning; a ring; a circle; a band; a circuit; rolling energy, i.e., momentum.

a One of the three main divisions of the country of Palestine. At one time it consisted of the circuit of twenty towns that Solomon gave to Hiram king of Tyre. At the time of Jesus Christ it was a part of Palestine in which He did much of His ministry. The disciples were Galileans (Acts 2:7), and Nazareth, the home of Jesus, was in Galilee (Matt. 2: 22, Isa. :1). b The name of a sea in Palestine (Matt. 4:l8).

Meta. Energy of life; life activity; soul energy; power, force, energy, acting in conjunction with substance.

Jesus' entrance into Galilee (John 4: 43-54) represents the increased activity that ensues when Truth comes down into the subconscious realm and brings about the realization of Christhood, after personality has been denied and praise of God has been set up.

When the illumined intellect (John the Baptist) is cut off from outer expression, the spiritual I AM (Jesus) withdraws into Galilee (consciousness of endless activity), in order to come into closer contact with God, the source of all energy. (See Matt. 4:12.)

"Galilee," associated with "mountain" (Matt. 28:16, 17), symbolizes a high consciousness of life. Science tells us that this Galilee consciousness exists everywhere as an interpenetrating ether. Jesus called it "the kingdom of the heavens." The disciples represent man's faculties. Our work is to call the attention of these faculties to this "kingdom of the heavens" within us. Some of them will appreciate and enter into it, while others will be unaffected, will be dubious.

Man has a dual nervous system. The nerves are the wires that conduct the messages of the mind to every part of the organism. The voluntary nervous system centers in the spinal cord. The involuntary, or sympathetic, nervous system centers in the solar plexus. A constant flow of nervous energy is making the circuit of this nervous system and carrying all kinds of messages from the mind. This sea of vitality is designated in the history of Jesus as the Sea of Galilee. John 6:1 means that I AM passed over the voluntary nervous energy to the involuntary, "to the other side," and concentrated at the solar plexus. The "great multitude" that followed are the legions of thoughts that swarm in the mind, seeking harmony. The "mountain" into which Jesus went is the high spiritual consciousness.

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