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Metaphysical meaning of Elealeh (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Elealeh (mbd)
Elealeh, e-le-a'-leh (Heb.)--whither God ascends; whereto God arises; ascent of God; God is exalted.

A city of Moab that was rebuilt by the Reubenites and was retained by them as a portion of their inheritance (Num. 32:3, 37); it was on the east side of the Jordan. Elealeh is named in Isaiah 15:4, 16:9, and Jeremiah 48:34 in prophecies against Moab.

Meta. A state of consciousness that, though of Moab (carnal mind), exalts God, Spirit, Truth, and so passes into the possession of the Reubenites, who signify discernment, sight, faith. This state of consciousness is thus reestablished on a higher basis.

It is the seemingly good in the carnal mind that causes us to mourn its downfall (see the prophecies in Isaiah and Jeremiah concerning Moab). But we should not be troubled to see the carnal mind go, since all really true thoughts and aspirations of every phase of our consciousness will be preserved and carried to higher planes of activity, even to the spiritual plane.

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