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Metaphysical meaning of Eleadah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Eleadah (mbd)
Eleadah, e'-le-a'-dah (Heb.)--whom God puts on, i.e., fills and dons with Himself; whom God adorns, i.e., brings to time of fullness of perfection; eternity of God; precept of God; ordained of God; witness of God.

A son, or descendant, of Ephraim (I Chron. 7:20).

Meta. The individual will (Ephraim signifies the will) fully unified with and expressing the divine, having the quality of Godlikeness, and being eternal even as God is eternal. (The name Eleadah is prophetic, as many of the names of the Old Testament are, inasmuch as the Truth for which it stands was not fulfilled then but is to be established perfectly in individual consciousness when man unfolds spiritually to the place where this is possible.)

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