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Metaphysical meaning of Eleasah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Eleasah (mbd)
Eleasah, e-le-a-sah (Heb.)--God is maker; whom God has made; God is creator.

a Son of Helez, of the tribe of Judah (I Chron. 2:39). b A Benjamite, son of Raphah, in descent from Saul and Jonathan (I Chron. 8:37).

Meta. The recognition by the individual that God, Spirit, is the source of deliverance, strength, healing, and of true greatness in both the inner and the outer man (God is maker, whom God has made, God is creator). Helez signifies deliverance and strength through praise (Judah). Raphah gives the thought of a hero, tall, gigantic; also of healing.

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