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Metaphysical meaning of Dura (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Dura (mbd)
Dura, du'-ra (Heb.)--circle; sphere; time; endurance; generation; dwelling; habitation.

A plain in Babylon, wherein Nebuchadnezzar set up his image of gold that he commanded all the people to worship (Dan. 3:1).

Meta. Nebuchadnezzar signifies the human will backing itself up by the human intellect and human judgment as opposed to spiritual understanding and judgment (Daniel). The golden image signifies money, or gold, an outer manifestation of substance. The plain of Dura, where the king had the golden image set up for all his subjects to worship, is the belief of the Babylonish consciousness in man (sense confusion and mixture of thoughts) that money is the all-powerful thing in this world; it is the loving of money more than the loving of God, and the trusting in gold to deliver and to save instead of the putting of one's faith in God. It is the belief in outer wealth as that which sustains one and as eternal (circle), all-inclusive, the one thing most needful.

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