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Metaphysical meaning of Claudius (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Claudius (mbd)
Claudius, clau'-di-us (Lat.)--broken; lame; lamentable.

A Roman emperor, who forced all the Jews to leave Rome (Acts 18:2). The famine that was foretold by Agabus came to pass in the reign of this emperor (Acts 11:28).

Meta. Lameness usually refers to the legs and feet; the feet represent the phase of man's understanding that comes in touch with the outer world of affairs. Claudius (broken, lame, lamentable) points to a serious and deplorable defect in the practical understanding, which should enable one to express toward and cooperate rightly with others in the outer. This lack of a workable understanding (Claudius) is caused by one's depending altogether upon the outer senses and the outer world for light and guidance. The next step is to put away from one's domain all religious and spiritual thoughts and beliefs (Claudius expelled the Jews from Rome), with all belief in the inner Source of understanding and wisdom. Consequently there is a dearth (famine) in the land, a famine that reaches from Rome down into Judea (from the intellect to deep within the inner consciousness).

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