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Metaphysical meaning of lame (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of lame (mbd)

Meta. The "lame" of Matthew 11:5 are the impeded members of the body. The "lepers" are the stagnated fluids of the organism. These are liberated by Spirit, and the new activity strengthens and cleanses the whole man.

The subconsciousness, in most persons, is so benumbed by the neglect and ignorance of the conscious mind that it is seemingly deaf, dumb, blind, and dead. When the subconscious mind begins to receive the truth that the body is a living thing and that every cell is a conscious entity, there is a great awakening and resurrection of sleeping energies from the tomb of matter.

The "man that was lame from his mother's womb," who lay at the "door of the temple which is called Beautiful" and asked alms, is the one who has not affirmed his spiritual strength through the living Christ. The "door of the temple which is called Beautiful" is spiritual understanding. The door opens when we pray and praise.

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