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Metaphysical meaning of Claudia (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Claudia (mbd)
Claudia, clau'-di-a (Lat.)--broken; lame; lamentable.

A Christian woman at Rome (II Tim. 4:21). She was a friend to Paul and Timothy.

Meta. A soul quality that loves the truth of man's divine sonship (believes on Jesus Christ); this soul quality is somewhat limited or hindered in its practical understanding and expression (broken, lame) because of its relation to the head in its sensate reasoning and carnal personal will (Rome and the Roman ruling powers). Claudia is supposed to have been a Briton by birth, and to have come to Rome with the wife of the Roman leader in Britain. She no doubt changed her name to a Roman one, since Claudia is the feminine form of Claudius. (See CLAUDIUS.)

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