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Metaphysical meaning of Chorazin (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Chorazin (mbd)
Chorazin, cho-ra'-zln (Gk. from Heb.)--place of proclamations; place of heralds; secret.

A town, or city, in Galilee, near Bethsaida and Capernaum (Matt. 11:21).

Meta. The people of Chorazin, with Bethsaida, witnessed the mighty works of Jesus, yet were not moved to change their ways and accept the Truth. They are types of minds that are fixed in their ideas of what is religiously proper, and do not open to the more interior phases of Truth. The openly wanton and wicked cities of Tyre and Sidon stand a better chance in the day of judgment. That is, those who are wholly wrong will offer no excuse when their sins, or shortcomings, bring them before the final law of adjustment; they will admit their errors and repent; but those who have a limited amount of Truth, which they hover over and declare to be the whole of Truth, are in danger of mental and spiritual crystallization.

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