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Metaphysical meaning of Asshurim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Asshurim (mbd)
Asshurim, as-shu'-r;m (Heb.)--mighty ones; dwellers of the plain; liers in wait.

Son of Dedan, and great-grandson of Abraham (Gen. 25:3).

Meta. Abraham represents the faith (the power of the mind to bring forth ideas into unlimited expression) that reproduces on the sense-mind plane as well as in spirit. Abraham's seed was counted through Isaac, the son of Sarah; Isaac represents divine sonship. But Abraham had seven sons who had been begotten in personal consciousness. They pertain to the body in its animal thought and seeming. The outer man must be sustained as he is until such time as the inner man shall have grown strong enough in consciousness to change the outer into spiritual expression and manifestation. Asshurim was descended from Abraham in the outer personal way. He refers to the reasoning sense side of this power of faith to reproduce ideas, which Abraham represents. The reasoning of the intellect, guided by the senses, may seem almost invincible at times (mighty ones), but it does not endure. (Nothing is really known of Asshurim's descendants, although his father, Dedan, is supposed to have been the founder of Idumean or Arabian tribes.) Only spiritual ideas and their manifestations are truly strong, powerful, and abiding.

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