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Metaphysical meaning of Assir (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Assir (mbd)
Assir, as'-s;r (Heb.)--captive; prisoner.

A Levite, son of Korah (Exod. 6:24). Korah was one of those who headed the rebellion against Moses and Aaron. These malcontents were not willing to acknowledge the positions of Moses and Aaron as above their own, but thought that they could fill the places of leadership and high-priesthood just as rightly and as capably as did those whom God had chosen for these places (Num. 16). Korah and the others who rebelled with him, with their families, were destroyed by the earth's opening beneath them and swallowing them.

Meta. Moses represents the divine law and Aaron represents the executive power of divine law. Korah springs from love (Levi), as do Moses and Aaron, but Korah means bald, ice. This infers the opposite of love--a state in which one is cold and unproductive of life and good because of unwillingness to be guided in one's love faculty by the law of God. This is love expressing in personality, and it brings forth Assir (captive, prisoner), who represents bondage, generation, sorrow, and death. Love in its divine purity is the key to life, harmony, and peace, but when love is exercised in the selfishness of the personal consciousness it leads one into bondage and makes one a prisoner to sense. Thus one becomes swallowed up in the earthly life, in sensuality and materiality.

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