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Metaphysical meaning of Aristarchus (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Aristarchus (mbd)
Aristarchus, ar-ls-tär'-ehus (Gk.)--best ruling; the best ruler; best leader; supreme beginning; first principle.

A Christian man from Thessalonica, a city in Macedonia. He was a companion of Paul's on missionary journeys, and was Paul's fellow prisoner at Rome (Acts 19:29; Col. 4:10).

Meta. Spiritual power, authority, and soul fervor--the very Christ of God or Divine Mind itself (best ruler, best leader, supreme beginning, first principle; a Christian man who accompanied Paul on his missionary journeys and was a prisoner at Rome with him), which must accompany the word of Truth (Paul) in its redeeming work throughout the body in order to make the word operative in consciousness.

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