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Metaphysical meaning of Macedonia (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Macedonia (mbd)
Macedonia, maç-e-do'-ni-å (Gk.)--extended; elevation; adoration; burning.

A country north of Greece. At the time of Paul it was a Roman province. Paul did much preaching there (Acts 16:9; 20:1-3).

Meta. When the thoughts of man turn adoringly toward God, spiritual zeal and enthusiasm are awakened and these set the whole consciousness into constructive activity.

Fervor, intensity, and vehemence are required in order to carry the great and beautiful message of Truth over seeming hindrances to the different centers and states of consciousness (represented by the cities and nations through which Paul journeyed and preached). Macedonia signifies the enthusiasm and the energy of Spirit, which set the whole man aflame. It is necessary that this phase of the consciousness be cultivated, because without it a passivity sets in that makes one content with the battle only half won.

Man should stir up this fiery power when he finds himself getting into negative states of consciousness. The vision of the man imploring, "Come over into Macedonia, and help us," is the discernment of the need of stirring up this inner fervor, this great consuming desire of the soul for spiritual understanding and power.

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