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Metaphysical meaning of Alexandria (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Alexandria (mbd) Alexandria, al-ex-an'-drl-å (Gk.)--of Alexander; from Alexander. A ruling city in Egypt; a Greek center that was founded by Alexander the Great (Acts 28:11). Meta. Alexandria denotes a phase- of the intellect that rules the body consciousness at a certain stage of man's unfoldment, until the position of rulership is given over to the rightful ruler in man, his spiritual I AM, or Christ. In this phase of the intellectual realm, which Alexandria signifies, there are Egyptians, Greeks, Jews, and Christians--all classes and kinds of thoughts have room until the intellect becomes quickened and guided by the true understanding of spiritual Truth. Then all error thoughts and ideas are gradually weeded out. Among the Alexandrians, therefore, we find powerful thoughts and thought forces working for and against the Christ word in us in its work of redeeming our body. The Alexandrian of Acts 18:24-28 was a Jew who believed; he did much toward spreading the gospel of Christ. He represents a religious intellectual thought that has been quickened by Spirit to an understanding of the Christ Truth, and then gives itself over to the work of establishing this Truth further in the consciousness. The Alexandrians of Acts 6:9 represent fixed states of thought in the realm of sense that rise up and oppose the ALLONfurther progress of spiritual ideas. They are stirred up by the arguments of Stephen (the illumined reason). (There were many Jews in the city of Alexandria in Egypt, as well as people of other nationalities. It was a noted city of learning. It had a wonderful library that was very famous, and it was the seat of commerce, science, and education of the then known world.) ________________________ Preceding Entry: Alexander Following Entry: Allammelech