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Metaphysical meaning of Alexander (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Alexander (mbd) Alexander, al-ex-an'-der (Gk.)--man defender; helper of man; helper of men; defender of men. The name of several different men (Mark 15:21; Acts 4:6; 19:33; I Tim. 1: 20) . Some of these men worked against Paul and some helped him. Meta. Alexander refers more to the outer belief in positive mental and physical force (man defender, helper of man) than it does to the true, inner overcoming power of divine love. The thought that he represents, therefore, is as likely to work against the real, spiritual good of man as it is to act for that good. The Alexander of Acts 19:33 worked constructively to help quiet the riot at Ephesus and to bring about peace and poise. He symbolizes a certain righteous expression of justice and mastery, and a broadness of comprehension that succeeded in quieting the people and showing them the proper way to adjust their grievances. In consciousness this refers to quieting the raging mind, and instilling into it a right sense of adjustment and balance. (See DEMETRIUS.) ________________________ Preceding Entry: Alemeth Following Entry: Alexandria