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Metaphysical meaning of Ahiezer (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ahiezer (mbd)
Ahiezer, a-hi-e'-zer (Heb.)--helping brother; brother of help, i. e., helpful; (my) brother is help.

a Son of Ammishaddai, and a prince of the tribe of Dan (Num. 1:12; 7:66). b A chief and warrior of the Danites who came to David at Ziklag when David was in hiding from Saul (I Chron. 12:3). In the text this latter Ahiezer appears to be a Benjamite, but both Young and Fallows say that he was a Danite chief.

Meta. Good judgment (Dan refers to the judgment faculty in man), even if it be of the intellectual consciousness, acknowledges God as the source of all might, and love (David) as the true king of Israel. Being positive in its nature, good judgment is very helpful (helping brother, helpful; Ammishaddai, father of Ahiezer, means people of the Almighty) in guiding the true thoughts of the consciousness from the bondage of sense to the realm of spiritual understanding and realization (the Israelites in their journey from Egypt to Canaan). Later, good judgment helps to bring about a right adjustment so that love (David) may become the ruling power in consciousness, instead of the will directed by the limitations of the personal self (Saul).

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