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Metaphysical meaning of Ziklag (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ziklag (mbd)
Ziklag, zik'–lag (Heb.) --winding; bending; flowing; outpouring of a fountain; pouring out of water.

A southern city of Judah (Josh. 15: 31). It is mentioned as being a city of Simeon, in Joshua 19 :5. This city seems to have remained in the possession of the Philistines until Achish, king of Gath, gave it to David (I Sam. 27:6). David lived in Ziklag until after Saul's death, when he became king of Israel. In the 12th chapter of I Chronicles we read of many chief and mighty men of Israel who joined David at Ziklag while Saul was still king.

Meta. Adaptability (winding, bending, flowing), to which love (David) has to resort in order to protect itself from the onslaughts of the selfish, personal will (Saul) that is determined to retain its rulership in consciousness, even if divine love has to be killed out in consequence. But love cannot be destroyed, since it is not stiff and unbending but is adaptable even to seemingly adverse conditions, when necessary. By being able to adjust oneself to existing conditions and circumstances, and by continually radiating love and Truth (suggested in outpouring of a fountain, pouring out of water), one realizes the strength and uplift needed to carry one through any adverse experience (many mighty men of Benjamin joined David at Ziklag; they represent high, active, powerful, spiritual, faith ideals).

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