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Metaphysical meaning of Aeneas (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Aeneas (mbd)
Aeneas, Æ'-ne-as (Gk.)--praise; laudable.

A man of Lydda; he had been paralyzed for eight years, and was healed by Jesus Christ, through Peter (Acts 9:3335) .

Meta. Lydda means strife. Peter symbolizes faith in the power of Spirit, which has been quickened in us by the example of Jesus Christ. The mission of this faith is to renew the whole consciousness, of which the body is part. Thought is the oversoul of every bodily function. If there is a part of the consciousness that has not been exercised rightly in harmonious thought, the bodily organ of which it is the oversoul will become paralyzed. Praising, giving thanks, and bestowing gratitude are natural to the normal consciousness. Lydda (strife) symbolizes the center of bodily action of which the liver is the focal point. Persons who pray much are seldom troubled with torpid livers. When you are throwing your positive thought to every part of the system, the electric life of the body is generated in every cell, and all forms of inertia disappear.

Æneas (praise, laudable, that which is praiseworthy, full of thankfulness, and gratitude), when no longer bound by cross currents of criticism, faultfinding, and weakness, arises and in the name of Jesus Christ proclaims life, health, and freedom; all strife is turned into constructive, spiritual activity; all desert places in consciousness receive the redeeming power of the living word.

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