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Metaphysical meaning of Lydda (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Lydda (mbd)
Lydda, lyd'-då (Gk. fr. Heb.)--travail; contention; strife; pregnancy; child birth.

A town near Joppa. It was at Lydda that Æneas, a palsied man, was healed (Acts 9:32-38). Lydda is the Greek name for Lod. It is called Lod in the Old Testament.

Meta. Lydda, like Lod, means travail, strife, contention, child birth, and signifies the great effort of the seemingly mortal in man that attends the breaking up of error and bringing to birth of Truth ideals in consciousness. Lydda refers to the center of bodily action of which the liver is the focal point. (See ÆNEAS, and LOD.)

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