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Metaphysical meaning of Adramyttium (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Adramyttium (mbd)
Adramyttium, ad-ra-myt'-t;-um (Gk.) --court of death.

A seaport town in Mysia, Asia Minor (Acts 27:2); its inhabitants were Athenians .

Meta. Mysia means criminal, abominable. The Athenians symbolize purely intellectual thoughts, Athens representing the intellectual center in consciousness.

When Paul appealed to Caesar (who symbolizes the tyrannical rule of the personal will through the reason, unmodified by spiritual love, mercy, and justice), he was taken to Rome, the head, or center from which the will rules. In being taken to Rome, Paul embarked in a ship of Adramyttium. This means that when we, under stress because of the condemnation of the Jews (our old fixed religious ideas), appeal to the outer personal will for protection instead of fully trusting in Spirit, the word of Truth in us (which Paul represents here) is subjected to the judgments of the unawakened intellect as well as to the personal sense man (Caesar).

Adramyttium symbolizes one of the intellectual states of consciousness that believe in death and error (court of death) and would aid in destroying the Truth in us were such a thing possible.

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