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Metaphysical meaning of CAesar (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of CAesar (mbd)
CAesar, çÆ'-sär (Lat.)--hairy; sharp; cutting edge; keen.

A title belonging to several of the Roman emperors (Matt. 22:17).

Meta. In the individual consciousness rulership implies the joint activity of reason and will. CÆsar, the Roman emperor, therefore refers to the personal self's ruling, through reason and will (unmodified by spiritual love, mercy, and justice), both mind and body, as indicated by the "world" (Luke 2:1), and CAESAREA PHILIPPI forcing all the faculties and powers to pay tribute in slavish carnal service. This is the natural attitude of the unspiritualized or Adam consciousness.

In our individual consciousness we must learn to "render unto CÆsar the things that are CÆsar's, and unto God the things that are God's" (Luke 20:25) . The outer man, as well as the inner, must be given proper attention and care. Each must have its share of the sustenance of life. We even must keep harmony with the unenlightened human will, until the spiritual grows wise enough, loving enough, and strong enough in our consciousness to take its rightful dominion throughout our entire being.

By the stamp that is upon them we always shall know the thoughts and tendencies in ourselves that belong to CÆsar and those that belong to God. That which is but a symbol of the true substance, the outer reasoning husk of the sensate thought of life and its resources, goes to CÆsar. The real substance of life, love, understanding, and Truth, goes to build up and to sustain the spiritual consciousness in mind and body.

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