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Prayer Coaches

Unity Georgetown Prayer Coaches are members of the congregation who regularly facilitate Unity Georgetown Prayer Classes and who make themselves available for individual coaching to those who wish to establish a richer prayer practice.

Our Prayer Coaches are 

  • dedicated to a daily practice of prayer and an extensive personal experience with one of the four ways of prayer taught in the Unity Georgetown curriculum
  • actively participate as a member of our congregation and have a strong desire to strengthen the prayer life of the community by offering classes and being willing to coach others individually in prayer methods
  • honor the diversity of spiritual paths and recognize that each individual's experience in prayer is unique.

Members of the Unity Georgetown Prayer Coach team are:


Leta teaches Conversational Prayers of Asking and Authenticity for Unity Georgetown. She has many years experience with such prayers, going back to being a young girl masterminding with her mother. 


Lenaire teaches Affirmative Prayer for Unity Georgetown. She is the the creator of Surrender To The Light, a CD of Blessings of Inspiration and Comfort and she has two poems published in Daily Word. She has also been a Unity Prayer Chaplain, has traveled in forty countries and is a very grateful grandmother.


Donna teaches Praying For Others for Unity Georgetown. She is a Unity Georgetown Prayer Chaplain, a Reiki Master and a lover of all kinds of healing arts.

alleeAllee teaches Contemplative Prayer for Unity Georgetown. From the age of 5 years old Allee sought a way to access and sustain "the peace that surpasses understanding". In 1992 she met a master meditation teacher and has been practicing under her guidance for the last 20 years. Allee looks forward to sharing the fruits of her ongoing practice with you.

Members of the Unity Georgetown Prayer Coach team dedicate themselves to teaching a class at least once per quarter and making themselves available for individual coaching of their students in prayer.